From Maintenance to Marketing: The Duties of a Commercial Property Manager

From Maintenance to Marketing: The Duties of a Commercial Property Manager

Tennessee has recently hit a record number of companies, with more than 486,000 businesses operating. If you're a property owner in Tennessee, you may be looking for ways to capitalize on your investment.

Property management is more difficult than a beginner may think, especially when handling the other tasks of investing. A commercial property manager is one of the best ways to handle your business property.

If you're curious about improving your commercial property management, we're here to offer our guidance. Read on for a quick guide on how a manager can help your property excel.

Property Maintenance

One of the first things you should consider is property maintenance. Property maintenance involves both the interior and the exterior of the property.

On the interior, maintenance refers to appliances and the general well-being of the home. Furniture, walls, flooring, plumbing, and everything else within will require maintenance.

On the exterior, the lawn, gardens, curbs, and other such fixtures are crucial. Not performing maintenance here can dramatically lower the aesthetical appeal of your property. Some business tenants are upset by this, as it makes their storefronts look less professional.

Your commercial property manager can handle these tasks for you. That way, your focus can stay on finding new properties to invest in.

Tenant Outreach

If you're using your property as a rental business for tenants, tenant outreach is vital. You'll need to communicate with tenants to make sure their needs are met.

If you're looking for new tenants, marketing to them becomes necessary. Simply listing a home and hoping others find it won't always work.

Your property manager can handle this activity for you. If you have a commercial property, they can help in finding businesses willing to rent your property.

Clerical Work

The clerical work of property management is one of the most time-consuming factors. Clerical work involves things like financial management and the paperwork therein.

Managers will help by providing financial reports, invoices, and more. They'll also help you to create budgets and manage your property's expenses.

Additionally, managers will help with documenting property performance. Factors like tenant satisfaction, income, improvements, and future work on the property fall into this category.

Leading the Community

Finally, your commercial property manager can help you interact with the community. As an investor, you may have too many things on your plate to reliably and easily communicate with other property owners near you.

Your property manager can help with problem-solving and communication. By being proactive in helping to solve issues, your manager will help your business run smoothly.

They also will have better knowledge of local and legal codes. If you're focusing on expanding, having someone who knows the local area is critical.

Finding the Right Commercial Property Manager

A commercial property manager is crucial for keeping your business property running well. They can handle clerical issues and the day-to-day trials of owning a property.

If you're curious about finding a property manager in the Murfreesboro area, contact us at PMI Professionals. Our franchise has decades of experience and is happy to help your commercial business shine.